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Final Disposition of Cases Filed in 2016-2019


Eviction filing: represents a court action typically filed by a landlord or property manager to begin eviction proceedings.
Stipulated Dismissal: represents an agreement between the plantiff and defendant to agree on certain condtions to avoid an eviction being issued.
Default Judgement: Judgements are granted when a party does not file a response or attend court.
Dismissed: The eviction case is dismissed.
Judgement After Court Trial: The eviction case is resolved after a court trial.

Eviction Records

Eviction data is pulled from the WCCA REST Interface — programmatic access to Wisconsin Circuit Court records. Small claims cases in Milwaukee County with a case type of small claims eviction are pulled down and stored on a weekly basis. CCAP provides no warranties as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained in the WCCA Data.

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